Chenier Plain Coastal Restoration & Protection Authority

Earnestine "Tina" Horn

Creole, LA

Earl Landry, Jr.

Abbeville, LA​

mission & vision

No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to educate, restore, and protect the S/W Coast of Louisiana.

how we got started

The Chenier Plain Coastal Restoration & Protection Authority was created pursuant to the provisions of the Louisiana Constitution of 1974, Article VI, Sections 38, 38.1 and 44, and La. R.S. 38:329.5.​  The Chenier Plain Authority is inclusive of the Parishes of Calcasieu, Cameron, & Vermilion.


Mike Dever
Past President 

Sulphur, LA

Kay C. Barnett 

Lake Charles, LA

The Chenier Plain CRPA is a political subdivision of the State of Louisiana, and through its board of commissioners, is organized with the primary duty to establish, construct, operate, or maintain flood control works as they relate to hurricane protection, tidewater flooding, saltwater intrusion, and conservation, and a secondary duty to establish flood control, adequate drainage relating to tidal or riverine flooding, and water resources development including but not limited to construction of reservoirs, diversion canals, gravity and pump drainage systems, erosion control measures, and marsh management, and is authorized to enter into contracts and agreements.

Phillip L. "Scooter" Trosclair

Grand Chenier, LA​

our leadership team: CPCRPA Board of commissioners

Ralph Libersat


Abbeville, LA

David Minton, PE


Lake Charles, LA​

CPCRPA Mission

Kelly Richard


Projects in S/W LA

Get to know the projects in the 2012 Louisiana's Comprehensive Master Plan for a Sustainable Coast.   Read More   

Rica Canik

Grand Chenier, La

recent programs

Chenier Plain Alliance - Calcasieu, Cameron, & Vermilion Parishes join Chambers, Jefferson, & Orange Counties to assert the importance of the Chenier Plain ecosystem and economy Read more