Phillip "Scooter" Trosclair
​CPCRPA Vice President

Grand Chenier, LA


the S/W  Louisiana Coast


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Our Louisiana Coast is a working coast and working wetland and has been for over 300 years. People have made their living off the land for generations.  We need your help to save our coast. 

Chenier Plain Authority Strategic Plan

Download Document 3.7MB PDF .  Click on the link below to download the Chenier Plain Authority's Strategic Plan.  22 February 2016




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Why we should care about Louisiana's Coastal wetlands


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Tina Horn

CPCRPA Secretary

Cameron Parish, LA

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Trevor Hair

CPCRPA Treasurer

Gueydan, LA

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Kay C. Barnett

CPCRPA President

​Lake Charles, LA

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“Our vision is to be the regional, unifying voice of the people of Calcasieu, Cameron, and Vermilion Parishes that champions coastal restoration and protection of a diverse ecosystem, a region of vital economic importance, and culturally rich heritage, the Louisiana Chenier Plain.”

Chenier Plain Coastal Restoration & Protection Authority

Chenier Plain Alliance 

Three Southwest Louisiana parishes, Calcasieu, Cameron and Vermilion, and three Southeast Texas counties, Chambers, Jefferson and Orange join in asserting the importance of America’s Chenier Plain ecosystem and economy in order to convey our pledge of partnership to state and federal members of the Gulf Coast Ecosystem RESTORE Council and the Natural Resource Damages Act Council as they fulfill their vital objectives for the Gulf of Mexico region and the nation in the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon disaster. 

David Richard, Vice President of Stream Property Management, Inc. 


Why should anybody care? The whole world should care about the richness and diversity of Louisiana's Coastal Wetlands. Louisiana's Coastal Wetlands comprise the richest coastal wetlands in North America.  As the termination of the largest river and the largest delta in North America. The diversity of wildlife and fisheries and culture is unsurpassed anywhere in the country. The fisheries productivity, the mineral productivity, the wildlife productivity is unparalleled in this country; and the preservation of the wetland diversity that supports this productivity is a cornerstone and should be a corner stone of our society of our United States.